Sharjah Voluntary Work Award Engages in Children's Reading Fest

May 02, 2024 / 12:22 PM
Sharjah24: The Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work is participating in the 15th edition of the "Sharjah Children's Reading Festival," organised by the Sharjah Book Authority, which will take place from May 1 to May 12 at the Sharjah Expo Centre.
The Award is showcasing a variety of educational publications and materials across various voluntary sectors tailored for children, including illustrations designed with an informative, educational, and entertaining approach aimed at instilling the values of volunteerism in them.

Fatima Musa Al Balushi, the Executive Director of the Award, remarked that the participation of the Award in the "Sharjah Children's Reading Festival" is part of its ongoing efforts to nurture a cohesive generation passionate about volunteer work and community service. She emphasised the significance of the festival as it provides a direct platform for engagement with children, enabling the Award to effectively convey its message of promoting volunteerism and instilling its values in the younger generation.

Al Balushi further explained that their publications encompass a range of engaging content for children, including expressive illustrations focusing on visual elements, and narrative drawings, alongside informative guidelines and general and specialised educational information. These materials are designed to captivate children's interest, supplemented by interactive activities such as educational and awareness-raising competitions.

Notably, the educational stories released are purposefully directed at children of various age groups, depicting scenarios within families to highlight the positive influence of parents, communities, or school environments on children.

She expressed gratitude for the collaboration of the Sharjah Book Authority with the Award and the opportunity to participate in this valuable festival. She underscored the importance of the Award's involvement in fostering a culture of volunteerism among the younger generation from an early age by showcasing the role of volunteering and reinforcing the concepts of giving and constructive values through diverse content. This endeavor aims to contribute to the formation of a united and cohesive generation inclined towards giving back and serving the community.
May 02, 2024 / 12:22 PM

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