Dive into animation's art with SAC's lineup of over 60 activities

April 15, 2024 / 3:11 PM
Sharjah24: The 2nd edition of the Sharjah Animation Conference (SAC) is set to take place from 1-5 May, 2024, at the Expo Centre Sharjah, offering a unique platform for renowned animators, artists, creatives, and industry leaders to come together for a series of enriching events.
This conference, hosted as part of the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival, will feature a diverse program with 60 events, including 30 skill building workshops, 20 insightful panel discussions, 5 inspiring talks, and 5 captivating music concerts, led by 71 speakers from 12 countries. Directors and artists from major global companies like Disney, Warner Bros, and Sony will present a rich program, providing attendees with valuable insights and networking opportunities.

A diverse range of topics and interests
SAC 2024 offers a diverse range of topics and activities that cater to a wide range of interests within the creative industries, covering various aspects of animation, from background design and character shaping to performance and storytelling.

In the Innovation Lab, participants can attend workshops on Concept Frames Art and Perspective, Quick Introduction to Background Design, and From Word to Vision: Visualising Narratives with Storyboard Pro. These sessions aim to enhance attendees' skills in animation storytelling, background design, and visualisation, providing them with hands-on experience and expert guidance.

The Sketch Area features workshops on Shaping Characters, Traditional Character Design and Posing in Animation, and Performance in Animation. These sessions focus on the essential elements of animation, such as character design, posing, and performance, offering participants the opportunity to learn from experienced artists and animators like Sandro Cleuzo, John Pomeroy, and Nick Ranieri.

The Creative Hub Area hosts talks and workshops on topics such as Mastering Audiovisual Rights, Crafting Your Story, and Building an Animation Studio in the Region. These sessions provide valuable insights into the business and legal aspects of animation, as well as the practical steps and strategies involved in establishing and operating an animation studio, led by industry experts like Stefano Laporta and Mounia Aram.
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Celebrating music and honouring creativity
In addition to these workshops and talks, SAC 2024 also features a Japanese and Games Soundtracks Concert, where attendees can enjoy the enchanting music from iconic Japanese games and anime. 

This concert, presented by the esteemed Florence Pops Orchestra, promises to be an unforgettable journey through the realm of iconic game soundtracks, featuring captivating tunes from classic Japanese RPGs and beloved video game franchises. The orchestra's finesse and expertise will mesmerise attendees, making it an extraordinary celebration of the emotion and power of cherished game music.

With its diverse range of topics and activities, the Sharjah Animation Conference (SAC) 2024 is set to be an exciting and enriching event for anyone interested in animation and the creative industries. The conference offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, engage in hands-on workshops, and connect with like-minded individuals, making it a must-attend event for animation professionals and enthusiasts alike. For more information visit https://www.sharjahanimation.com/ar/home.
April 15, 2024 / 3:11 PM

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