SPWD hosts workshop on Future Trends in Safety in Construction

June 11, 2024 / 1:34 PM
Sharjah24: The Sharjah Public Works Department (SPWD) recently organized a workshop titled 'Advancements and Future Trends in Health and Safety Protocols in Construction.' The workshop was attended by a number of specialists and experts in the field. It took place at the department's headquarters, with the presence of engineers and individuals interested in the construction industry.
The workshop focused on reviewing the latest developments in occupational health and safety protocols in the construction sector, highlighting technological innovations that contribute to improving safety standards. It also discussed the expected future trends in this field.

Several specialized engineers spoke at the workshop, presenting a comprehensive overview of the use of modern technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality in enhancing safety procedures. They emphasized that the use of these technologies helps reduce accidents and improves workers' training on risk management. Research papers were also presented on the development of new building materials with improved safety characteristics, such as non-flammable and high-strength materials, which contribute to reducing risks at construction sites.

The speakers praised the importance of collaboration between government entities and private companies in adopting and implementing the latest safety protocols. Successful examples of construction projects that relied on modern safety techniques and achieved tangible results, such as achieving one million safe working hours, were presented.

At the end of the workshop, a discussion and question session was opened to the attendees, allowing for the exchange of opinions and experiences among the participants. This resulted in practical recommendations that can be implemented to enhance health and safety standards in the construction sector in the future. This workshop is an important step towards raising awareness about the importance of developing health and safety protocols in construction and adopting innovations that contribute to creating a safer working environment for individuals in this vital sector.
June 11, 2024 / 1:34 PM

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