Al Khalidiya Council distributes 6720 packages of dates

April 03, 2024 / 1:50 PM
Sharjah24: Al Khalidiya Suburb Council, launched "Fawalah Dates for Ramadan" initiative to distribute date packages to deserving families from the residents of the suburb and the city of Sharjah, as well as deliver a quantity of packaged dates to the UAE Red Crescent Authority.
The event is part of the council's strategy to continue community activities during the holy month of Ramadan, in line with its vision of strengthening brotherly bonds, reviving Ramadan traditions in the Emirati society, and enhancing communication with the residents.

The council began the process of distributing large quantities of ready-made date packages to several deserving families in the suburb of the city of Sharjah, totaling 1,920 packages. Additionally, 4,800 packaged dates were handed over to the UAE Red Crescent Authority for transport.

The event was attended by Khalafan Saeed Al Marri, the council's chairman, and members Thani Hazeem Al Suwaidi, Khamees Al Hammiri, and Mohammed Hamad Al Siri, along with Jassim Al Nuqbi, the head of the Community Awareness Unit at the Red Crescent, and Faisal Mohammed Abdullah, Deputy Chairman of the Local Aid Committee at the Red Crescent, as well as Ashraf, an employee in the Aid Department at the UAE Red Crescent.

The initiative strengthens the partnership between the council and the UAE Red Crescent Authority, enabling the council to participate in charitable and social activities within and outside the country, with a total of 6,720 packages of dates.

Khalafan Saeed Al Marri, the council's chairman, emphasized that Al Khaldiyah Suburb Council is keen to implement its periodic initiatives each year to enhance charitable work and intensify its humanitarian contributions with the aim of strengthening social relations between the residents and the council, reviving social Ramadan traditions, and contributing to spreading happiness and joy in the hearts of the residents and families during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Finally, Al Marri thanked the delegation from the Red Crescent for their attendance and continuous cooperation with the council, appreciating their charitable and community roles in the society.
April 03, 2024 / 1:50 PM

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