Sharjah Ruler reorganises Sharjah International Airport

May 22, 2023 / 4:11 PM
Sharjah24: His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, issued Law No. (4) of 2023 regarding reorganising the Sharjah International Airport.
The law stipulates that the authority shall enjoy the legal personality and legal capacity necessary to achieve its objectives, exercise its competencies, and have financial independence.

The law also stipulates that the authority shall be considered the operator of the airport and the holder of its license and any other airports that may be established in the emirate and assigned to it by Sharjah Executive Council.

The authority shall be responsible for the management and operation of the airport, and for this purpose, it shall exercise the following competencies:

1. Making general policies, developing strategic plans for the authority, and presenting them to the Board to decide what it considers appropriate.

2. Proposing legislation and regulations related to the authority’s work and presenting them to the Board to decide what it deems appropriate.

3. Manage and operate the activities, services, and projects at the airport following the requirements of the regulations in force in operating and managing the airports and work to preserve the airport buildings, maintenance, and development of its facilities.

4. Manage and operate existing commercial activities wishing to operate at the airport to develop businesses and services and ensure their compliance with the laws in force in the country.

5. Signing contracts with franchise companies wishing to take part in one of the airport's activities and supervising them, taking into account that franchise companies whose activities and operations are related to aviation obtain a license from the Civil Aviation Department, in coordination with the authority.

6. Providing and managing aircraft accommodation and maintenance services directly or through outsourcing to approved private entities.

7. Providing, developing, and maintaining air navigation devices, systems, and equipment necessary for their safety and management, directly or through contracting with a specialised company.

8. Providing, managing, and operating ground services for airport customers with high efficiency and safety, directly or third parties affiliated with or contracting with the authority, such as ground operations, passenger services, aircraft aprons, cargo movement for air freight, private aviation, and ground equipment maintenance.

9. Exchanging information and coordinating with various agencies, local authorities, and international organisations concerned with airports to develop the authority's activities.

10. Studying, planning, and implementing all works and projects related to the authority's activities to ensure its advancement and keep pace with the latest global developments in this field.

11. Organising meetings, seminars, and training programmes to raise the efficiency of authority’s employees and other agencies operating at the airport and enable them to perform their tasks and duties to the fullest.

12. Undertaking the construction and modification works of the airport’s roads, facilities.

13. Coordinating the work between all the bodies affiliated with the administrative apparatus of the amirate and the airport’s departments to simplify procedures and services.

14. Preparing feasibility studies for the commercial exploitation and investment of lands and real estate belonging to the authority and setting the necessary conditions.

15. Proposing fees for the authority's services and collecting them after the Board approves them.

16. Issuing all types of airport entry permits for individuals, vehicles, and heavy-equipments in coordination with the concerned authorities, and it may withdraw any entry permit it issues without prior notice.

17. Providing and managing the safety of airport operations related to the operation of activities and services at the airport per the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations in the country.

18. Providing and managing the security of flights and operations at the airport following the regulations in force in the operation of airports and in accordance with the legislation in force; this includes the inspection of baggage and air cargo and securing the airport facilities, and in line with the requirements of the license granted by the competent federal authority granting the license to operate the airport and in coordination with the local security authorities in the emirate.

19. signing agreements and contracts necessary to manage and operate the authority's activities.

20. Representing the airport with the competent federal authority as the authority granting the license to operate the airport concerning audits and inspections of safety, security, and airport licensing.

21. Coordinating all regular and irregular flight schedules for airlines with partners operating at the airport and in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Department to ensure the availability.

22. Signing long-term financing agreements and granting guarantees that it deems appropriate to finance the projects of the authority, after obtaining the approval of the Board.

23. Establishing a company or an affiliated establishment to carry out commercial activities related to the authority's competence.

24. Any other competencies entrusted to the authority by the Ruler or the Council.

According to the law, the authority shall have a Chief appointed by an Emiri Decree, assisted by sufficient employees and experts following its organisational structure. The chief shall have the powers and authorities necessary to manage the authority’s affairs and make the necessary decisions to achieve its objectives. In particular, he shall have the following:

1. Suggesting the general policy and strategy necessary to achieve the department's objectives and presenting it to the council for approval or taking the required action.

2. Supervising the workflow in the department following the legislation and regulations in force, issuing the decisions, instructions, and circulars necessary for that, and following up on their implementation.

3. Supervising the implementation of spending from the department's budget within the appropriations approved for it, following the procedures followed in this regard.

4. Participating in the management and operation of international airports and cargo centers after the approval of the Board.

5. Purchasing shares and participating in international and local companies related to the authority’s activities after approval by the Board.

6. Opening and managing bank accounts.

7. Forming permanent and temporary committees and work teams affiliated with the department and defining their terms of reference and work system.

8. Signing contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding, and partnerships concluded by the authority after being approved by the Board.

9. Delegating some of the chief’s powers to the authority's senior staff following the legislation in force in the emirate.

10. Representing the department before the judiciary and government agencies and in its relations with others, and the chief may authorise any person or other entity to represent the authority before the courts.

11. Submitting periodic reports on the department's work to the council.

12. Any other tasks assigned to him by the Ruler or the Council

The law also included a set of legal articles regulating the Sharjah International Airport Authority regarding the department's organizational structure and financial resources, judicial enforcement, and others.
May 22, 2023 / 4:11 PM

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