Tunisian media report death of Zine El Abidine

Sharjah24 – Reuters: Tunisian Mosaique FM and Achourouk newspaper on Thursday (September 19) reported that former president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali had died in Saudi Arabia, citing non-Tunisian sources.

Gadgets & Electronics

Facebook unveils new Portal video chat, TV streaming devices

Sharjah24 – Reuters: Facebook Inc unveiled new models of its Portal video chatting devices on Wednesday (September 18), making the company's first foray into TV streaming hardware but offering a limited selection of subscription services.


India becomes latest country to ban sale of e-cigarettes

Sharjah24 – Reuters: India became the latest country after Brazil and Thailand to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in what could potentially be the biggest move against vaping globally over growing health concerns.


Saving wildlife, one story at a time at XPOSURE 2019

Sharjah24: “Beautiful wildlife images make people care about nature, but the stories that need to be told, the photographs that must be seen, are the ones that shine a light on our relationship with the natural world,” stated Kathy Moran, National Geographic Deputy Director of Photography, at a packed-house seminar held on the inaugural evening of XPOSURE 2019 at Expo Centre Sharjah.


Aragon: What’s a price for generations of lost childhoods?Gold?

Sharjah24: Burkino Faso is today the fourth largest producer of gold in Africa. Just a couple of decades ago, it ranked as one of the world’s poorest countries. While many may hail this leap forward as a positive sign of development, for the children of the country, this transformation has come at a great cost.


John Moore calls for focus on human element in news photography

Sharjah24: Putting the human element in context to a situation is critical to effective news photography, renowned photographer John Moore strongly asserted during a talk he led at the International Photography Festival XPOSURE 2019, the region’s biggest photography event, which unveiled on Thursday at Expo Centre Sharjah.