Sharjah Livestock Market to welcome its visitors for Eid al-Adha

June 11, 2024 / 12:05 PM
Sharjah24: Sharjah Livestock Market is preparing to welcome its visitors during Eid al-Adha with a comprehensive operational plan to ensure the delivery of high-quality, integrated services that meet the needs of the public and help them complete their requirements smoothly and easily during the blessed Eid days. This is being done in collaboration with the Sharjah Police General Command, Sharjah Municipality, SANED Facility Management, the Department of Economic Development - Inspection, the Sharjah Volunteer Center, and the "Buraq" app by Osool for Transport Solutions.
Engineer Abdalla Al Shamsi - Manager - Sharjah Region Markets said: "The management of Sharjah Livestock Market always aims to achieve the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We continuously strive to improve our infrastructure and apply best practices to provide everything that the residents and visitors of the emirate need, serving them according to the highest standards in terms of space, general appearance, and facilities equipped with the highest global standards of cleanliness and public health. This approach aligns with their needs and aspirations, ensuring the provision of all necessary services."

Al Shamsi emphasized, "In our commitment to serving customers and making their journey to obtain sacrificial animals easier, we have launched a pre-booking service this year. Customers can enjoy the pre-booking service with home delivery. For more details, you can contact us at 80080088. The sacrificial animals will be slaughtered and delivered to the customer in collaboration with 'Buraq.' This arrangement will help improve the workflow and make the distribution process of the sacrificial animals more efficient and smooth, providing a convenient and flexible experience for customers to receive their sacrificial animals with ease and comfort."

Al Shamsi added: "This year, we have established a clear and well-studied plan to organize the entry of visitors to the market. We have designated a pathway for customers heading directly to the slaughterhouse and another pathway for visitors going to the pens. We have also placed directional signs throughout the market and formed comprehensive work teams. We have doubled the number of butchers, inspectors, health supervisors, and cleaners by 100%, bringing the total number of staff to 110 during the Eid period. Additionally, we have special teams to smoothly guide sacrificers to the slaughterhouse route upon their exit from the pens."

 Al Shamsi pointed out, "The customer's journey to obtain a sacrificial animal begins with them heading to the cashier area to pay the required service fees. After that, we transfer the sacrificial animals to the designated area inside the slaughterhouse. These steps ensure an organized and smooth process for receiving the sacrificial animals after the requested service is completed. We notify the customer when their animal is ready for pickup to provide comfort and efficiency. The animals will be transported by a specialized team from inside the slaughterhouse to the public waiting tent immediately after slaughter. If the customer prefers delivery, coordination is done with 'Buraq' to deliver the order according to the customer's preference."

Working hours during Eid al-Adha:
The market opens its doors to the public throughout the days of Eid al-Adha from 6:00 AM until midnight. The slaughterhouse in the market opens during all days of Eid from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The market management ensures to fulfill the public's requests as quickly as possible without compromising the quality standards of the service provided.

Sacrificial Animal Slaughter Fees:
Sharjah Livestock Market has set the following prices for sacrificial animal slaughter, Goat and sheep slaughter: AED 15, Cattle and camel slaughter: AED 25, Medium-sized cattle and camels: AED 40, Large cattle and camels: AED 70

The slaughterhouse capacity at Sharjah Livestock Market reaches up to 250 heads of cattle per hour and 25 heads of Cows distributed across three service lines. It operates with 55 butchers supervised by 8 inspectors and supervisors, two of whom ensure the smooth flow of operations. Additionally, 12 veterinary doctors are overseeing the slaughterhouse and livestock pens, along with 55 workers responsible for maintaining cleanliness and facilitating the process of receiving and delivering sacrificial animals to the public.

It's worth mentioning that the Sharjah Livestock Market is one of the projects under the umbrella of Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Sharjah government.
June 11, 2024 / 12:05 PM

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