SM: Rental values in Sharjah strengthen Investment

May 01, 2024 / 7:47 PM
Sharjah 24: Sharjah's population is steadily growing, reflecting its status as a premier location for living, working, investing, and tourism. The Emirate offers world-class service facilities and high-quality digital services to make living more flexible, convenient, and time-saving. Sharjah Municipality (SM) is keen to keep up with the quality of urban and population growth by offering the finest services and regulating the rental relationship between landlords and tenants, given the city's strong demand for residences in all locations.
Abdullah Al Shahil, Director of Lease Regulation Management, confirmed that the municipality is working to regulate the rental relationship between landlords and tenants through lease contracts, which, once approved, document the relationship between the two parties, become a recognised document, and guarantee the rights of the parties involved.

He added that to safeguard both parties' rights, the contract value paid by the tenant to the landlord must be equivalent to the value mentioned in the lease contract.

Al Shahil also remarked that Sharjah's rental values help to improve the investment system and offer tenants a variety of alternatives. The rental value varies by location, depending on a variety of requirements and issues.

The Director of Lease Regulation Management said that the municipality has made a rental map available on its website, allowing consumers to get the information they need to make an informed decision when looking for a residence to rent.
May 01, 2024 / 7:47 PM

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