Wathba programme graduates shine at Ramadan suhoor

April 03, 2024 / 2:03 PM
Sharjah24: The Sharjah Capability Development (Tatweer), affiliated with the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Future Leaders and Innovators, recently hosted a Ramadan suhoor to mark the graduation of the third cohort from the "Wathba" programme. Attending this event were various directors and a select group of young leaders who had successfully completed all stages of the "Wathba" programme with commendable skill and merit.
The "Wathba" programme is noteworthy for being a leadership initiative aimed at young individuals, providing them with opportunities for self-discovery and holistic development across psychological, physical, social, and professional domains. This is achieved through participation in workshops and training sessions, both locally and internationally, covering diverse areas such as storytelling, time management, and leadership skills. Upon completing a year-long training regimen, participants are formally graduated by the institution.

At this year's "Wathba" suhoor gathering, particular emphasis was placed on the programme's key achievements in its third iteration. Notably, participants experienced a notable boost in self-confidence, enabling them to communicate fluently and confidently with the public. Their enthusiasm for having joined the "Wathba" programme was evident, viewing it as a rewarding journey of personal growth culminating in success.

Aisha Al-Tunaiji, a graduate from the third cohort of the "Wathba" programme, reflected on her transformative experience, crediting the program for reshaping her perspectives and enriching her life. She highlighted the programme's role in refining her time management, communication, teamwork, and strategic planning abilities.

Those interested in joining the fourth edition of the Wathba programme can register through the Sharjah Capability Development's website: https://sharjahcd.ae/ar

About the Sharjah Capability Development (Tatweer):
Since its establishment in 2005, the Sharjah Capability Development (Tatweer), a subsidiary of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation, aims to attract young leaders and empower them to contribute to the prosperity of Sharjah. The foundation's programmes play a crucial role in developing the skills of passionate and ambitious youth aged 18 and above, aligning with the vision of the UAE, which recognises the youth's efforts in nation-building.
April 03, 2024 / 2:03 PM

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