Sharjah Islamic Forum discusses "Ramadan" initiative

March 07, 2024 / 6:53 AM
Sharjah24: The Islamic Forum's "Ramadan Initiatives Committee" recently convened a meeting to coordinate and discuss the upcoming Ramadan agenda, focusing on the cultural targets for this year.
The departments involved discussed the cultural and sports events scheduled for the holy month, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve the impact of cultural programmes.

The committee emphasised the importance of including the community and providing diverse programming to meet the religious and cultural needs of Sharjah residents. 
Dr. Majid Bushalibi, Secretary-General of the Islamic Forum, led the meeting, with committee heads and representatives from various departments in attendance. They talked about duties, schedules for each event, and successful methods for planning activities. 

The meeting underscored the significance of community engagement and introduced creative ideas to enhance the quality of cultural programmes. Dr. Majid stressed the importance of expanding programmes to meet community needs and aspirations, ensuring they respect the sanctity of Ramadan and cater to all sectors of Sharjah society.

The meeting concluded by emphasising the significance of spreading Islamic knowledge during Ramadan, emphasising the virtues and spiritual features of the holy month, and improving comprehension of Islamic teachings to encourage tolerance and coexistence in Sharjah. 

The forum is dedicated to fostering a precise understanding of Islam and creating a culture of acceptance and solidarity in the emirate.
March 07, 2024 / 6:53 AM

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