Sharjah Diary (3/10):The City's Etiquettes

December 29, 2021 / 10:33 AM
While I'll give you an overview of Sharjah, keep in mind that we're not talking about an average city. It is the Arab World's cultural capital declared by UNESCO in 1998, and the capital of Islamic culture by OIC in 2014. In fact, it is the confluence of Arabic and Islamic values that has formed the city's demeanor and evolved it into a place where you can get respect and expect love from every one, no matter who you are or what your religious or cultural origin is.
This city shows you why being courteous is the essence of culture values in order to enrich the society with happiness, delight, sensation, and love, a love that each of us have, a love that we all require today, a love that could change our civilizations.

Sharjah residents are generally nice, humble, generous, and welcoming. They are straight forward and truthful in expressing their feelings. When you admire someone, it's natural for them to return the compliment, and when you like something in someone's possessions, it's only polite for them to offer it to you. When you pay a visit to a native Arab, you will undoubtedly be greeted with a much lengthier welcome and lengthy introduction, and the same will be true when you say your goodbyes. This could be to demonstrate generosity and honour for the gusts.

All guests are treated with the same respect, and the hosts follow a thorough welcoming procedure to ensure that all guests are treated equally generously. Guests should be greeted outside the house before being guided inside. They are then escorted to the best sitting room, where they will be served with a variety of traditional foods. In all circumstances, senior guests are treated with more respect. They, for example, sit in the house's most central location and on the most comfy seat. Guests are expected to stay longer by their hosts.

This is a city that values courtesy and politeness. Manners are something to be observed, practiced, and expected whether you're in a mall, a tourist site, or a government institution. People are often eager to help. It is fairly common in Sharjah for someone to load your groceries in front of a supermarket or allow you to go ahead of him in the checkout line, pay for someone's groceries behind you in line, or leave a favorite book or food in a public spot with a notice indicating it is free to take or leaving a toy or game at the door of a new city neighbor…

Sharjah is a peaceful and harmonious city, as evident by its art and architecture as well as the behavior of its citizens. It is home to millions of expatriates from over 200 countries who have come to the UAE with various ethnic, religious, and linguistic identities in search of better living and higher-paying employment. Despite the diversity of the city's people, no act of hatred or violence is ever reported in the city. 

Sharjah is a model city and a landmark initiative inspired by His Highness the Sultan's noble vision for the region's future. It is through the implementation of such models that we will be able to transform our cities into more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable places, as well as our planet into a courageous, united, and harmonious Global Community. 
December 29, 2021 / 10:33 AM

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