Sharjah diary (Part-I/10)

November 08, 2021 / 11:18 AM
Sharjah Ruler receives a delegation of the UAE national team participating in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo at Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped - ...
On 27 August 2020, we arrived in Sharjah and were received a warm reception at Sharjah Centro. On Day 2, we were driven outside from the hotel to make a few final preparations prior to checking into the University of Sharjah. Several of the tallest skyscrapers, stunning parks, and palm-lined highways were among the sights we saw on our way. However, despite all these wonders, nothing changed in my mind. The next day, we went on a walk with a Pakistani colleague and noticed some men in a stadium, dressed in stunning uniforms, together with their instructors. I immediately recognized them. They were all young people with disabilities engaging in different activities and having a good time in an unusual way. I was blown away and my companion was curious about what I had seen, so I broached the subject with him. He only said:. “This is Sultan’s Sharjah, and to him, the most important objects are humans. The humanism of Sultan was evident everywhere as his Imperial Majesty’s priority is the human welfare. His Highness is a true lover of humanity who always gives his support to everyone, especially the middle and disadvantaged elements of society, and initiates goodness everywhere and for everyone. It is imperative that His Highness serves as a role model for all Muslim leaders in developing the Islamic world’s culture, humanity, and social fabric.
For His Highness, the philosophy of human development is done not only by providing a good level of life but also by instilling noble thinking, purifying and refining the mind and conscience. When the region was going through a period following the discovery of oil, when there was a significant push toward buildings and architecture, His Highness coined his famous phrase: “Enough of the concrete revolution, let’s start constructing people.” Sharjah has followed the same pattern since then, establishing the concept of human as a priority at first, second, and third.

His Highness cares about a wide range of issues, from people’s lives and cultures to the state of the economy: “Our concerns are many, the most important of which is the human himself and his advancement, and we are taking every initiative to advance human thought and awareness, and encouraging citizens to pursue knowledge in a way that serves the desired goals in reforming society, and creating a generation that is aware of his values and culture as well as religion.”  This noble vision turned Sharjah to a friendly city for orphans, widows, divorced women, the handicapped, the elderly, the illiterate, those seeking to complete their education, job seekers, and others. Disabled individuals in Sharjah live normally, having full access to school and employment as a natural right, not a favor. They receive free healthcare services at the University Hospital in Sharjah and all other rights. Sharjah is known for being an age-friendly city. It fulfilled 87% of the age-friendly city standards in sectors of 8-year-old cities. According to a recent American survey. Sharjah ranked 6th among the safest cities in the world recently and now we can see that the Emirate of Sharjah is moving toward the path of global leadership in tourism. 
Sharjah's splendor cannot be captured in a single narrative. I can't wait to show you more of this beautiful emirate in the days to come.
November 08, 2021 / 11:18 AM

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