SRTI Park approves its first distributed ledger license

September 12, 2021 / 12:16 PM
Sharjah24: The fastest growing innovation park in the region, Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park, SRTIP, have been inundated with requests to license fintech, blockchain, and crypto related companies over the past year. After a long and arduous study of 100’s of submissions SRTIP chose OODLE Market Place. “It’s clear to me that OODLE Market Place improves the supply chain and logistics using a next generation technology that improves transparency, reliability and safety, in a sector that has had severe challenges from Africa through to end user”, says Hussain Almahmoudi, CEO of SRTIP. The capitalization of blockchain is growing every year, solving global issues, and providing solutions for life changing challenges despite the hesitation of certain regions and industry sectors to continue to develop rapidly across the globe. Blockchain is unstoppable and has already proved its uses in bettering the quality of business and life in general.
Sharjah’s vision is to maintain the Emirate of Sharjah at the competitive forefront of technological development. Blockchain is already in its third generation and related licenses in the SRTIP are a huge step in the advancement of this vision. The issuance of Blockchain and related licenses in the SRTIP will provoke an increase in the capitalization of the tech related currency markets as a whole and SRTIP is endeavouring to be the world’s largest ecosystem for the advancement of such technologies, blockchain and distributed ledger in the UAE and so is rightfully leading the charge in the UAE to find technologies like OODLE Market Place that solve global problems, starting from the Emirate of Sharjah to the world.

Hussain Almahmoudi continued by saying, “SRTIP is pleased to welcome The OODLE Market Place to the fastest growing innovation park in the region as its first DLT license. With its innovative ecosystem promoting advanced Research and Development in a sustainable environment, SRTIP is well positioned to support the OODLE Market Place with its launch and growth in its early stages through to its global dominance potential.” 

“Sharjah is synonymous with education and innovation, and the emirate is very much embracing the adoption of blockchain technologies. With SRTIP-led initiatives such as the MENA Innovation Transformation Summit driving the application of technology wherever possible across its public and private sectors in a sustainable manner, Sharjah is demonstrating how technology can enable and offer a vast range of benefits. Through the SRTIP, the UAE is unequivocally taking the lead in the development of the global blockchain and tokenisation industry”, says  Hussain AlMahmoudi, CEO of SRTIP ,

OODLE Market Place FZC is a Distributed Ledger Technology company launching the OODLE Market Place, a blockchain-based incentivised commodity trading platform with a utility token that is used within its community. The OODLE Market Place offers sellers and buyers of different commodity sectors to create more transparent, efficient, and cost-effective commodity trades using smart contracts on blockchain, enabling all parties involved to complete the trade in a more safe, reliable, effective and efficient manner than currently exists. The OODLE Market Place will provide its members improved supply chain and logistics support than they currently have. 

“We are excited and honoured to be the first chosen blockchain based company to set up at SRTIP as SRTIP provides the perfect landing for the OODLE Market Place. OODLE and its members are focused on many areas of technology innovation that will work across and support the SRTIP booming innovative tech sector members to offer a wide array of support, products, and services in the OODLE Market Place as well”,  says Fareed Alzarooni Chairman of OODLE Market Place.

The OODLE Market Place token holds utility for the sellers and buyers as a governance and contract settlement method with all participating commodity trading entities on the OODLE Market Place.
September 12, 2021 / 12:16 PM

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