Sharjah’s Districts Dept. Orchestrates Ramadan Initiatives

April 03, 2024 / 4:51 PM
Sharjah24: The successful endeavors of the Ramadan initiatives in Sharjah's suburbs have been marked by active community involvement, as orchestrated by the Districts Affairs Department. Various suburban councils under its purview have organised a range of lectures and Ramadan gatherings, aiming to educate and uplift families and individuals in the community across religious and social spheres.
These efforts underscore the pivotal role played by the suburban councils in Sharjah, persisting in their mission to educate and enlighten the local populace while fostering unity and positive engagement during the holy month of Ramadan.

in Al Hamriyah suburb council, Sheikh Dr. Aziz Farhan Al Anzi delivered an insightful speech on navigating through life's challenges using religious principles, garnering praise from attendees who found value in his guidance.

Similarly, in Al Rahmaniya suburb council, Professor Dr. Sulaiman Al Rahili addressed the importance of building strong families and secure societies, offering advice to strengthen familial bonds and promote community safety.

Meanwhile, Al Hawami suburb council hosted a lecture led by Sheikh Dr. Aziz Farhan Al Anzi, delving into obedience and piety during Ramadan, prompting attendees to reflect on the significance of worship during this sacred period.

In Sahila suburb council, Sheikh Dr. Aziz Farhan Al Anzi returned to discuss the exemplary lives of righteous individuals, sharing narratives that imparted moral values and ethical principles in the Islamic tradition.

In Al Siyouh suburb council, Sheikh Abdullah Abdul Qadir Al Kamali emphasised the importance of familial solidarity, providing practical tips to enhance familial relationships and foster understanding among family members.

Lastly, in Dibba Al-Hisn, Saif Ali Al Mutawa expounded on the virtues of Ramadan, highlighting its positive impact on societal values and morals through his presentation.
April 03, 2024 / 4:51 PM

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