Xposure 2024: Sharjah Unveils AI Workshops & Global Photography

February 26, 2024 / 3:09 PM
Sharjah24: The Sharjah Broadcasting Authority is geared up to cover the proceedings of the eighth edition of the International Photography Festival "Xposure 2024," organided by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau from February 28 to March 5. The festival will witness the participation of 400 photographers from over 50 countries.
The radio and television channels linked with the authority and its digital platforms will deliver live coverage and reports from the core of the event at the Expo Centre Sharjah. This coverage will spotlight diverse workshops and discussions, aligning with its leading role and media mission to focus on meaningful and aesthetic art, catering to the interests of its audience captivated by stories captured by the lenses of legends in the photography world participating in the largest photo festival in the region.

Sharjah TV is set to broadcast the live opening ceremony of the eighth festival edition, with continuous coverage through an extensive studio at the event venue utilised in the programs "Sabah Al Sharjah" and "Amasy." These programmes ensure ongoing coverage of various workshops and events through recorded reports and interviews with participants and organisers. Coverage will also extend to other programmes such as literature, thought, and art, where the host, Raad Aman, sheds light on the exhibited works. The latest edition of the festival provides an opportunity for the audience and visual arts enthusiasts to explore 90 stories and narratives conveyed through 2,500 photographs.

The Sharjah Television news centre is committed to conveying the festival details using the latest available technologies, dedicating a daily segment in the Dar News bulletin. This segment will include news reports along with interviews with experts and participants, reflecting the significance of this global event.

Sharjah Radio will be actively present in the eighth edition of the International Photography Festival "Xposure 2024" with a radio studio located at the heart of the Expo Centre. The programme "Aan Qurb" will be on air throughout the festival days between 11 AM and noon, except on Fridays. Hosted by Aisha Al Hamoudi and Ahmed Boukla, the programme will feature a selection of guests and festival visitors, ensuring coverage of most events and workshops, placing the listener at the centre of this artistic, cultural, and global event.

In addition, the English-language radio station "Pulse 95" will provide live coverage of the festival through its programme "Pulse 95 Live from Xposure." The broadcast will take place directly from the Expo Centre through a specially prepared radio studio for this occasion. The programme, presented by Ameera Al Saleh and Michael Atiyeh, will feature interviews with official figures and participating guests. Special reports on social media platforms will highlight the daily events of the festival, including workshops and discussions, while showcasing prominent young photographers. The programme will be aired between 12 PM and 2 PM, with a Friday broadcast between 2 PM and 4 PM.

The Sharjah Media Training Centre is actively involved in the eighth edition of the International Photography Festival "Xposure 2024." This engagement takes the form of two workshops scheduled for the second and final days, focusing on "Generative Artificial Intelligence." Led by Jassim Yaqoub Al Awadhi, these workshops aim to delve into the concepts and applications of artificial intelligence, along with techniques for transforming text into images.

In connection with this, Mohamed Hassan Khalaf, Director General of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, emphasised the preparedness of all channels within the authority—both television and radio—to keep up with the significant artistic and cultural event that is the International Photography Festival Xposure 2024. This festival has evolved into an annual milestone eagerly anticipated by leading photographers worldwide.

Mohammed Khalaf expressed confidence in the success of this edition, drawing parallels with the achievements of previous editions that showcased numerous photographic works through the lenses of renowned photographers. These works convey compelling human stories on a global platform, uniting diverse peoples and cultures. Hence, the Xposure Expo stands as an excellent opportunity for the authority to present to its audience the richness of cultural diversity and the extraordinary narratives encapsulated in works rarely gathered in one place, as exemplified by this festival.
February 26, 2024 / 3:09 PM

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