Intaj Centre Hosts 2nd 'Gathering' to Support Members in Sharjah

May 22, 2024 / 1:49 PM
Sharjah24: For the second consecutive year, the "Intaj (Production)" Centre, affiliated with the Sharjah Social Services Department (SSSD), is organising the "Intaj Gathering" initiative on the upcoming 23rd at Centro Hotel. This initiative aims to encourage families affiliated with "Intaj" to obtain the "E’timad" license, which was launched by the Sharjah Economic Development Department specifically for these groups, based on a prior agreement with the department. This arrangement significantly reduces the effort and hassle for members, especially regarding participation in nationwide events. Additionally, the centre offers a 50% discount on the license fee for its members.
On this occasion, Maryam Al Hammadi, Head of the "Intaj" Centre, stated that, based on the success achieved in the first session of the "Intaj Gathering," a social gathering including a dinner was organised for the 35 members and centre affiliates. This event aims to facilitate networking among them and to share their experiences in obtaining the "E’timad" license. Furthermore, we will introduce the "Herfah" award, launched by the centre to encourage members to participate in events, exhibitions, and programmes, thereby fostering project development and continuous production.

The Director of the "Intaj" Centre concluded by emphasising the administration's commitment to fostering member interactions through organising meet-ups, recognition ceremonies, and social gatherings. The event will feature entertaining activities for "Intaj" members, including various competitions and workshops.
May 22, 2024 / 1:49 PM

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