AHM Launches Awareness Sustainability Campaign

November 12, 2023 / 11:22 AM
Sharjah24: Al Hamriyah Municipality (AHM) in Sharjah conducted an awareness drive titled "Working Together for a Sustainable Environment" at Al Hamriyah Beach Park yesterday evening. This initiative is part of a series of environmental and community-focused endeavours launched by the municipality to achieve its objectives. These objectives include educating the community on the significance of environmental conservation and promoting the idea of sustainability. Sustainability, in this context, involves the efficient use of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity.
The campaign stood out due to the involvement of various external organisations, such as the Sharjah Community Police, the Environment and Protected Areas Authority, and Sharjah Children's Centre. They actively contributed to the campaign by presenting plays, educational workshops, and exhibitions that endorse environmental sustainability. These activities aimed to highlight the importance of the environment and its issues, showcasing collaborative efforts to attain sustainability goals in the country.

His Excellency Mubarak Rashid Al Shamsi, Director of Al Hamriyah Municipality, reiterated that the municipality has executed numerous awareness campaigns and events throughout the current year. The primary goal is to instill the concept of environmental sustainability among the public, aligning with the Year of Sustainability in 2023.

Al Shamsi explained that through the campaign, the municipality, along with its specialised teams, delivered educational and entertaining workshops for children. Additionally, a scientific seminar, organised by the Public Health Department, emphasised the importance of environmental conservation and the avoidance of pollutants. The Municipal Inspection and Control Department also disseminated information to the public about the proper disposal of barbecue charcoal, the risks associated with smoking shisha, and the significance of refraining from littering in non-designated areas, especially with the onset of winter.
November 12, 2023 / 11:22 AM

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