Happy Atukwase: Expo Uganda Pavilion holds great potentials

December 05, 2021 / 9:41 PM
Sharjah 24: Happy Atukwase, Assistant Director of the Uganda Pavilion at Expo 2020-Dubai, discussed investment potential in her country, commerce and tourism in an exclusive interview with “Sharjah 24”. "Uganda is participating in Expo 2020 with three primary aims," she explained.
“Trade, tourism, and investment are the three main objectives the pavilion seeks to promote. We are here to seek out individuals for bilateral commerce and to establish relationships with other nations in order to conduct business together. And we are investigating or attempting to determine whether we can have a significant amount of active tourism if people like to visit our country and enjoy natural sightseeing, including seeing gorillas."

Uganda is home to 53.9 percent of the world's mountain gorilla population, she told Sharjah 24. "The nation offers incredibly rich natural diversity of rivers, lakes, mountains, and wildlife."

"We have identified over 75 investment projects that anyone looking to invest in our country may be interested in," she added.

For the third important aim, investment, the tasks have been completed and are ready to be handed in. Investing is as simple as having someone read the projects’ profile, going through it, and setting up an appointment with the investment authorities.
December 05, 2021 / 9:41 PM

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