"Road to the Council" addresses upcoming SCC Elections

November 20, 2023 / 5:52 PM
Sharjah 24: The "Road to the Council" programme on Sharjah TV is an innovative way for the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority to educate and inform the public about the electoral process for the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC) in the Emirate of Sharjah.
Sharjah Consultative Council, which has been in operation since 1999, is preparing for a new era of electoral experience by encouraging citizen participation in the election and nomination process.

The "Road to the Council" initiative is highlighted for its vital role in inspiring individuals to either seek election themselves or to actively participate in the electoral process by casting ballots for the candidates they believe will best represent their interests in the emirate's legislature.

Hussam Salim created the show's content, journalist Ibrahim Al-Midfah hosts, and Raed Obaid directs each of the six 45-minute episodes. During each episode, it welcomes specialised figures who present a full explanation of the elections of the Sharjah Consultative Council, the important partner in decision-making. The premiere aired on October 31, 2023, and new episodes run every Tuesday at 9:15 p.m.
November 20, 2023 / 5:52 PM

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