Sharjah Ruler reorganises the American University of Sharjah

August 10, 2023 / 4:16 PM
Sharjah24: His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, issued Decree Law No (3) of 2023, regarding the reorganization of the American University of Sharjah.
The University is a non-profit, academic, and scientific institution conferred the legal personality and capacity to fulfill its objectives and carry out its competencies, be financially and administratively independent, and be wholly owned by the Emirate’s Government. The University's main campus shall be located in the city of Sharjah and may, by a resolution of the President, establish branches inside or outside the Emirate.

The University is based on the principles and values of equality, justice, fellowship, tolerance, happiness, and sustainable development, all being part of the values of the State and the society, and the University shall promote such values in all its programs, bylaws, policies, and activities following the State law.

The University aims to achieve the following objectives:
1. Balanced development of the University students’ personality, knowledge, and abilities, and to prepare human competencies trained in theory and practice to meet the requirements of the State’s comprehensive development plans.
2. Sponsor and encourage scientific research to achieve scientific development, service the community, and grow and develop it for the better.
3. Launch and develop higher education programs according to the University's policies and plans based on the community's needs, to achieve scientific excellence.
4. Strengthen cultural and scientific ties with other universities, institutes of higher education, and Arab and foreign academic organizations.
5. Provide the necessary care, create a suitable environment for the University students, faculty members and administrative staff of different nationalities, and encourage them to excel, create and innovate.
6. Contribute to community service and respond to and interact with its needs by forming partnerships with government and private agencies.

The presidency of the University shall be assumed by a President, appointed by an Emiri Decree, who shall be the chairperson of the Board and may delegate all or some of his/her powers in the Board to other Board members.

The University shall be managed by, each in his/her field of competence and in accordance with the provisions of this Decree of Law and its executive regulations:
1. The President.
2. The Board.
3. The Chancellor.
4. The Board of Deans.

The President shall, in particular, assume the following duties and authorities:
1. Chairmanship of the Board.
2. Nominating the Chancellor and submitting the same to the Board for approval.
3. Approving the appointment of vice-chancellors and deans.
4. Issuing bylaws to organize the operation of the University and its academic, administrative, and financial activities.
5. Issuing organizational decisions.

A resolution of the President shall form the Board and shall be constituted of not less than (9) members. For the purpose of reorganization under this Decree of Law, the new Board of the University shall be formed by an Emiri Decree of the Ruler.

The Chancellor shall be appointed by a resolution of the President after the Board approves such appointment. The Chancellor shall be responsible before the President in carrying out his/her duties. The President shall determine the Chancellor’s salary and other financial and in-kind privileges. If the position of the Chancellor becomes vacant, the President shall have the authority to appoint an acting Chancellor for a term that shall not exceed one year.

The Chancellor shall, in particular, assume the following duties and authorities:
1. Heading all the administrative and academic staff of the University.
2. Implement the Board's policies to ensure the University's advancement and the appropriate conduct of its business and development of its activities.
3. Undertake all tasks and activities required to perform his/her duties and responsibilities to achieve the continuous development of the University, however, taking into consideration the laws and regulations in force and the resolutions and directives issued by the President and the Board.
4. Preside over the public, academic events and represent the University before all external parties and may delegate whomever he/she deems fit for this latter purpose.
5. Report to the President and the Board on the University's activities, events, and operations.
6. Delegate part of his/her duties and authorities to vice-chancellors, assistant chancellors, directors of departments, and competent employees of the University.
7. Any other duties or authorities assigned to him/her by the President.

The University includes colleges, institutes, research, learning and training centers, and scientific institutions determined by resolutions issued by the President according to a proposal by the Chancellor and the approval of the Board. All the affairs of the University, its colleges, institutes, and its academic, administrative, financial, and community centers and departments shall be subject to the laws and regulations in force in the State.

The University grants certificates of scientific, academic, professional, and honorary degrees to eligible individuals according to the provisions of this Decree of Law and the regulations issued to it.

Teaching at the University shall be in Arabic and English, depending on the nature of the approved study programs. The Board may authorize other languages for teaching or training at the University if required by the nature of the approved curriculums.

The decree-law also included several legal articles regulating the university in financial resources, budget and fiscal year, exemptions, acquisition of real estate and assets, executive decisions, accreditation and auditing, transitional provisions, and notifying the consultative council.

This Decree of Law supersedes the afore-mentioned Law No. (3) of 1998, provided that all executive regulations, bylaws, and orders issued pursuant thereto shall, until they are amended or repealed, continue in effect to the extent they do not conflict with the provisions of this Decree of Law.

The Sharjah Consultative Council shall, immediately when it convenes, be notified of this Decree of Law.

This Decree of Law shall come into effect on the date of its issuance, shall be enforced by the concerned authorities, each in their jurisdiction, and shall be published in the Official Gazette.

August 10, 2023 / 4:16 PM

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