EPA forges partnership with Lightning Source Sharjah

February 23, 2023 / 11:53 AM
Sharjah24: The Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) has partnered with Lightning Source Sharjah, a collaboration between Ingram Content Group and Sharjah Book Authority, to bring global book distribution and the importance of utilizing print-on-demand technology to the forefront of discussions with EPA members and local UAE publishers.
The signing ceremony featured a panel discussion titled ‘The Future of Books Distribution’, which saw industry leaders Phil Olilla, Chief Commercial Officer at Ingram USA, David Taylor, Vice President of Ingram Content Group, and Hassan Ali, Business Development Manager at Lightning Source Sharjah, discuss how print-on-demand (POD) and the ability to print and ship paperback titles to 13 designated countries in the MENA region that can revolutionise the way publishers distribute books.

During the panel, the speakers emphasised the many benefits of print-on-demand, including the ability to print a single copy of a book when there is a demand for it and the option for publishers to sell a book and print it. The speakers also highlighted the advantages of Ingram-owned facilities, which enable publishers to place print orders directly to POD facilities in the US, UK, Australia, France, and the UAE, to fulfill local demand. Independent bookstores and retailers will now be able to order from Lightning Source Sharjah in USD, ensuring that booksellers can see available titles with the relevant flag that indicates the country of printing origin.

On a recent note, the EPA participated in the eighth Annual Book Fair at the University of Sharjah alongside 40 publishing houses, including Menassah, which participated for the first time. This year's fair featured over 1,500 titles and 10,000 books, providing a platform for EPA members and other publishing industry professionals to showcase their latest publications and share ideas while creating a unique opportunity for readers to engage with a diverse range of literature. The EPA's participation in the event highlights its commitment to promoting the growth of the publishing industry and fostering a love of reading in the UAE.

Rashid AlKous, Executive Director of the Emirates Publishers Association, said, "As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing the UAE's publishing industry, the Emirates Publishers Association is excited to partner with Lightning Source Sharjah to provide our members and local publishers with the latest insights and opportunities in global book distribution. These partnerships unlock a wealth of possibilities for our industry, and we are eager to explore them further. By participating in events like the University of Sharjah Book Fair alongside other esteemed publishing houses, we are increasing the presence of our members and creating new opportunities for growth and success in the future."
February 23, 2023 / 11:53 AM

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