Building a Sustainable Emirate of the Future

H.H. Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi

  • Tuesday 04, October 2016 02:31 PM
  • Building a Sustainable Emirate of the Future
Chairman of Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC), Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, addresses responsive Urban Planning in Sharjah and the integration of sustainability in SUPC projects.
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The exponential growth of Sharjah into a major international business hub, travel destination and a place to live, has necessitated the need to implement a world-class urban planning system in order to manage burgeoning development.  Modern urban planning is meant to improve the overall quality of life of all residents through physical and social improvements made via the development and implementation of progressive plans, policies and projects.  This is done through strategic analysis of the current situation, the predicted future growth and most importantly, the vision of what Sharjah will become in the future.
In keeping with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, the SUPC has been created to respond to the needs of citizens, residents and businesses to move Sharjah forward as a sustainable, responsible and resilient as a place to live and work. The SUPC will play a major role in ensuring that the vision of leadership is implemented through a world class planning system.
The work undertaken by the SUPC is a collaborative effort of many stakeholders including various government agencies, developers and property owners. The outcome of these efforts results in plans, policies and projects meant to positively impact issues related to infrastructure, transportation, environment, the built form and the public realm of Sharjah. The work done by the SUPC is meant to address the unique needs of the Emirate while taking into account international best practices. The core principles of the SUPC projects include sustainability, state of the art technology and responsiveness.
The SUPC has already made great strides in setting the foundation for an improved Sharjah through the creation of a plan for an enhanced wastewater and stormwater drainage system.  Additionally, the SUPC has been instrumental in the planning and delivery of modern pedestrian bridges throughout the Emirate.  
This has been accomplished in conjunction with international consulting firms who bring worldwide knowledge to the table to ensure projects meet the current and future needs of the Emirate.
The SUPC is also making use of the latest global urban planning trends through the inclusion of the latest Smart Cities technology into several infrastructure projects. In collaboration with Google, the SUPC has launched a virtual roaming service which allows users to view images of streets, buildings and neighborhoods. In addition, the creation of a world-class postal code system has been developed.  These two projects, linking technology to infrastructure, will allow businesses, residents and visitors to utilize more accurate information in order to support a better quality of life.
Working on many other important projects to enhance the future of the Emirate, the SUPC is committed to improving Sharjah on every level.  The SUPC is dedicating itself to be at the forefront of planning both in the UAE and around the world.  Preparing for a Sharjah that is ready to thrive in the future is the vision of both the SUPC and His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan.