UoS organises an "Entrepreneurs Day at the UoS" workshop

  • Thursday 21, November 2019 10:45 AM
  • UoS organises an "Entrepreneurs Day at the UoS" workshop
Sharjah24: The Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering (RISE), the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), and the Office of Community Relations for Scientific Research at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies at the University of Sharjah organised the Entrepreneurs Day at UoS workshop in collaboration with Krypto Labs.
The workshop aimed to give innovative students the opportunity to share their ideas and projects to form their own startups through the Innovation Program “The Entrepreneur Day'', which seeks entrepreneurs and startups with new ideas that serve the knowledge economy that could become viable commercial products. Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy, Head of Technology Transfer Office, attended the Workshop along with Dr. Manar Abu Talib, Chairman of Research Outreach Department; Dr. Mohmed Talal Bonny, College of Computing and Informatics; as well as a large number of researchers, research centers members, and students.

The Workshop was presented by Eng. Hanan Khalidi, Director of Business Development at Krypto Labs, which was attended by more than 70 students from the different Colleges of the University. The Workshop included an introduction to entrepreneurship and practical training through the formation of student groups to create and put forward scientific and creative ideas. She also explained the stages of development of ideas and the criteria for their application, as well as the objectives of the program.

Then the students were formed into groups to discuss and brainstorm ideas, and the Scientific Committee judged the ideas submitted by the groups and selected the winning groups with the best innovative scientific idea. The winning groups received cash prizes from the Research Institute of Science and Engineering and Krypto Labs.