Al Hamriyah Club organises a training course on swimming

  • Tuesday 07, July 2020 01:16 PM
  • Al Hamriyah Club organises a training course on swimming
Sharjah 24: Al Hamriyah Sports & Cultural Club organised its training course on swimming sport, as part of the activities of its 26th virtual summer forum, according to the latest systems and programs, and under the supervision of highly qualified trainers.
The training course was held remotely via the ‘Zoom’ platform , attracting a great number of participants of all ages to learn about the various skills of this sport, as the training staff provides a detailed explanation of the swimming sports.

The program included theoretical explanations and various competitions, encouraging the participants to develop the sense of competition among them. 

Commenting on this, Hamid Hassan Al Shamsi, head of the club’s cultural and social committee and head of the organising committee for the summer event has highlighted the importance of this sport, shedding light on its positive impact on the players.