Sharjah’s professional athletes train youth at SWSF summer camp

  • Wednesday 31, July 2019 12:34 PM
Sharjah 24: In keeping with its mission to encourage children to be physically active, and in line with the vision of Sharjah Women’s Sports (SWS) to empower sportswomen and develop their capacity, the Sharjah Women Sports Club (SWSC), a subsidiary of SWSF, has tasked its athletes to train children participating in a summer camp organised by the SWS.
The camp, which offers boys (5 - 9 years) and girls (5 - 15 years old) a space to play their favourite sports during their summer break, will be open till August 29.

Being held at the SWSC facilities, the camp aims to raise awareness among youngsters of the importance of sports and how to incorporate physical activity into their daily life, giving them an opportunity to find their niche in sports.

The SWS summer camp is ideal for young participants to benefit from the experience of the professional athletes and receive guidance from them on how to hone their physical skills. The camp allows children to practice their preferred sports activities, while athletes also get a chance to improve their expertise in sport coaching. Children can learn new techniques in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, fencing, table tennis, karate, archery or physical fitness.

Amal Al Aidarous, Marketing Executive, SWS, said that SWS had reiterated its commitment to invest in the younger generation and nurture their sporting talents by offering the young campers an opportunity to unleash their potential and improve their athletic performance.

Al Aidarous added: “Sport is an effective tool to teach individuals teamwork, cooperation, patience and fair competition. Inspired by this vision, we have asked our talented athletes to train the children during the camp and encourage them to make a successful career in sports in the future”.

The camp programme features a variety of sports as well as creative activities such as cooking classes and art and craft sessions, and also trips to Sharjah and Dubai’s main attractions such as Sharjah Aquarium, Sharjah Science Museum, Dubai Dolphinarium, Expo 2020 and the Sharjah Discovery Centre. The closing ceremony will involve participants of all age groups engaging in various competitions, collective exercises, reading competitions in both Arabic and English, and brain games.