Sami Celio: We are excited to start Formula 1 World Powerboat

  • Saturday 30, March 2019 02:29 PM
Sharjah24: Sami Celio Captain of Sharjah’s Formula One team said that the race of UIM Formula 1 World Powerboat Championship was expected to start on Friday but was postponed until Saturday due to bad weather.
Celio addet to “Sharjah24” that the prevailing weather prevented the completion of successful tests for a number of boats participating in the race, and we are excited to start the race finally.

Sharjah’s Formula 1 powerboat team consists of 25 members, including technicians and other support staff. As many as 20 players are participating in the Formula 1 races. The team has two dedicated F1 boats and a back-up boat, as well as 10 Formula 1 engines with a power of 400 horsepower each.