MoHAP in Sharjah launches campaign on Innovation in Health Sector

  • Sunday 13, October 2019 03:40 PM
  • MoHAP in Sharjah launches campaign on Innovation in Health Sector
Sharjah24: Under the theme “Innovate for Health, the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s Training & Development Center in Sharjah (MoHAP’s Training & Development Center) has launched a two-month marketing awareness campaign on the innovation in the health sector.
The campaign comes in line with the UAE Government trends to enhance the awareness about innovation and to make the culture of innovation an integral part of government work.

The campaign will be carried out in all the medical districts and its first destination is Fujairah Medical District. The main thrusts of the campaign are; acquainting MoHAP employees with the Innovation Strategy 2019 – 2021, its objectives and projects, explaining the internationally approved innovation approaches in the healthcare sector and fostering the role of the employees in the innovation process by enhancing their skills in the work environment.

4 Thrusts and 5 Enablers
MoHAP’s Innovation Strategy 2019 – 2021 includes 4 key pillars; leadership in the healthcare, research and development, healthy society and leading operations and services.

Moreover, the strategy leans on 5 enablers; human capital to develop the innovation and research, developing a platform for information exchange, facilitating sources of innovation funding in the health sector, making the best use of advanced technology updates and building partnerships to enhance innovation and research.

Leadership in Health Innovation
Awad Al-Ketbi, Assistant Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention's Support Services Sector, said: “This marketing campaign is one of the outputs of the innovation strategy 2019 - 2021 launched by MoHAP during the Month of Innovation under the theme “Leadership in innovation - a World-Class Health System ". The campaign is pursuant to the National Innovation Strategy aiming to reinforce the culture of innovation in the institutional work environment and improve the quality of work systems according to the international standards. This would help achieve leadership in the performance and innovation for the happiness of society and achieve the objectives of the National Agenda 2021.”

Interactive Workshops
Saqr Al Hemeiri, Chief Innovation Officer, Learning and Development Director in Sharjah, said: “The awareness campaign for the innovation in the health sector includes educational lectures and interactive workshops, using the latest smart technologies. Through this campaign, we aim to stimulate MoHAP staff to put forward new ideas to develop the performance and enhance the services provides. This would help contribute to strengthening the capabilities and potentials of the employees, thus realising the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency.”