Freshness sensors could replace food 'use-by' dates

  • Tuesday 02, July 2019 08:45 AM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Biodegradable paper-based sensors could be used in food packaging to tell your smartphone if food is going off.
When there's so much of it on show, the temptation to buy too much food is very real.

And once it's gone past its sell by date, it often ends up in one of these - even though it's actually safe to eat.

Scientists in London think they have the answer to stop this happening.

Using your smartphone, you'll soon be able to find out if the food in your fridge has gone off - based on the gases coming out of it.

The paper-based electrical gas sensors have been developed here at Imperial College London.

They're made by printing carbon electrodes onto cellulose paper.

They contain what are called near field communication tags and microchips.

That means information on the gases it's detecting can be read by your mobile phone.

The sensors cost about two cents each to make.

And the developers say supermarkets could be using them on food packaging within three years.