SCCI takes part in ‘Big 5 Show’ with a Platform of 11 Companies

  • Monday 25, November 2019 05:25 PM
  • SCCI takes part in ‘Big 5 Show’ with a Platform of 11 Companies
  • SCCI takes part in ‘Big 5 Show’ with a Platform of 11 Companies
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Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (SCCI) represented by the Sharjah Exports Development Centre, SEDC, is taking part in the ‘Big 5 Show’, the largest trade fair in the Middle East for building materials, construction products, and solutions, which will be held at Dubai world trade center from November 25 – 28.
The SCCI’s participating platform is bringing together 11 building and construction products companies from the Chamber members.

Through this step, the SCCI aims to enhance the domestic industries and open new export channels for the Emirati companies in the regional and international markets.
While the SEDC’s participation comes as a supporter of the ‘Big 5 Show’, with the goal of further exploring the production potential of the national industry and highlighting the Center’s up-to-date products to local, regional, foreign visitors, and potential investors.

An Opportunity for Highlighting Emirati Products
Speaking about the SCCI’s participation in the event, Mohammad Ahmed Amin Al Awadi, SCCI’s Director-General, said: “Our participation falls within the SCCI’s strategy to diversify exports and re-exports from Sharjah and encourage the exporters to expand in the global markets by promoting their products and services in local and international forums.”

“The Big 5 Show is forming an important opportunity for communication with our strategic partners and for discussing the cooperation and investment relations in the coming stage. This in addition to the Chamber’s platform which brings together the local building and construction firms to take advantage of the export opportunities available through the event,” he added.

With the notable hike in the volume of exports of building materials globally, the event is constituting a perfect opportunity for highlighting Emirati products, elevating and diversifying the export portfolio towards new export markets, and connecting local exporters to potential buyers.

Commending the good organisation and the remarkable participation of local and international enterprises, Al Awadi concluded that this event is providing fertile ground for promoting businesses and brands, thanks to the considerable attendance of construction and building experts, which underlines the development witnessed by this sector in the UAE.

Supporting Real Estate Sector Growth
Marwan Salem Al Muhairi, Head of Exhibitions Department, SEDC, said: “The Center is actively participating in the economic events inside and outside the UAE to motivate industrial and export companies to scale up their competitiveness in foreign markets and respond to the regional and international marketing opportunities by providing export solutions and means.”

“This event is a perfect platform for establishing new strategic partnerships supportive to the growth of the Emirate’s real estate sector, where the SEDC is keen on seizing such opportunities to meet with those interested in establishing or expanding their businesses, introducing the Center’s products to the potential clients in the construction sector, and learning closely about the new construction projects in the UAE and the region,” he concluded.

Supported by the SCCI, the SEDC is keen on utilising its full potential to support and stimulate the private sector to actively participate in the economic events locally and globally and provide them with necessary logistic facilities.

This would help expand and diversify the geographical area of Sharjah’s exports, increase the efficiency of products, and enhance their presence in the foreign markets.
The Big 5 Show is one of the most important exhibitions of construction and building materials. It constitutes a global hub for manufacturers, contractors, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers to hold new deals locally and internationally.

The Show is also a good opportunity for the participating companies and visitors to learn closely about the latest updates and trends in the regional market, in addition to establishing new partnerships with potential clients and getting recent information about the construction industry.