Xposure visitors explore art and business sides of photography

March 04, 2024 / 6:59 PM
Sharjah 24: The Xposure International Photography Festival continued to engage and educate visitors with a diverse array of workshops on its penultimate day. From demystifying camera settings to mastering composition and exploring the creative realms of night photography, participants got to dive into an immersive learning experience that enriched their photography skills and broader industry knowledge.
Professional freelance photographer and tutor Roland Pokrywka’s workshop Essential Skills for Better Photography explained the intricate settings of cameras and how to use them to the maximum possible limits to enhance photography. The perfect entry point for anyone looking to deconstruct their cameras’ workings, Pokrywka instructed with a blend of learning and fun, to leave attendees with confidence in navigating their cameras effortlessly and learning to capture better images.

Pokrywka also conducted Creative Night Photography on the same day, leading participants on a journey into the realm of creative and abstract night photography. The students learned to transform ordinary night scenes into masterpieces, exploring techniques such as painting with light, light trails and forced bokeh effect.

An intermediate workshop – Enhanced Techniques in After Effects – was led by rising photography star Will Taylor, aka ‘Wlroo.’ It pushed motion designers to explore advanced techniques in Adobe After Effects. Participants learned to craft animations that not only looked good but felt good, focusing on adding subtle details and achieving complex, smooth movements.

For Arabic speakers, Mastering Composition Elements held by freelance photographer Hanaa Turkistani, a recognised figure by Nikon Middle East, taught participants the secrets of mastering image composition and the essence of photography elements. With a highly visual approach, attendees gained practical knowledge applicable to both professional and mobile photography.

Moving to the promotional and marketing side of photography, workshop participants were also privy to the tricks of the trade to create successful careers and improve their visibility in the field.

Veteran photographers Chris Coe and Frank Meo provided valuable insights into navigating the vast world of photography competitions, at Entering Photography Competitions: Your Ultimate Guide. From choosing the right contests to enhancing one's profile, participants gained practical knowledge on maximising their chances of success in the competitive arena.

“Our workshop is a piece of marketing that photographers need to have an overview about. If they entered a competition, what can they get out of it?” said Meo. “Each photo competition is quite different. And there's nuances with judges, and all these other criteria, so we teach how to approach it from a business standpoint of the photography industry. People learn about cameras and lenses and all these technicalities, but they don't think about business. And that’s really the most important piece.”

Interdisciplinary specialist Dr. Wiktoria Michałkiewicz offered a lesson in Designing a Successful Career in the Art World, sharing strategies for building a successful career in the world of photography and the arts. This included insights into navigating the international photography industry, defining career paths, and leveraging platforms for maximum exposure. “I teach enthusiasts how to navigate the art world as photographers. So it involves thinking strategically about the projects and about their career in the long term perspective,” Dr Michałkiewicz said.
March 04, 2024 / 6:59 PM

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