Sultan Al Qasimi affirms sewerage count-down in Sharjah City

November 08, 2023 / 11:57 PM
Sharjah24: During an intervention on the "Direct Line" programme, of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, confirmed the completion of the sewage network in Sharjah City is approaching.
His Highness stated that a big sewerage project in the emirate is on its way to be implemented.

His Highness added that the sewage network in the city of Sharjah is almost complete. The sewage network in Wasit area is almost complete; the sewerage project in the Muwailih commercial area is completed, connecting 2000 buildings out of 3000. The next stop is Al Juraina area.

His Highness explained why there is no sewerage in Al Rahmaniyah, and it is due to the low population density in Rahmaniyah. The sewage network requires a stream to be able to function; otherwise, anything the water carries will pile up within pipes.

"We do not leave the new housing projects in the cities of the emirate like this, but rather we add sewerage, gas, roads, and landscaping to the plan. I check every detail, big or small, in these projects. All thanks to Allah for our country is developed in terms of housing and the required services," His Highness added.

The central region has a different sewerage system because the areas are made of scattered neighborhoods, carrying a certain privacy, according to His Highness.

The projects are carried out using a specific approach. Projects are completed according to each neighborhood's needs to preserve social connection, traditions, pastures, etc.

Regarding employment in the government sector matter, His Highness stressed that large numbers are being employed, and establishing new entities is necessary to accommodate the large numbers. His Highness gave the example of the central region, where sustainable agricultural projects were launched, serving the environment as well as contributing to employment.

His Highness stated that no projects that cause pollution were launched. His Highness listed several prohibited behaviours in Sharjah, such as raising dust, excavating, and going to the mountains or the desert. All these rules are meant to preserve the environment.

His Highness wishes Sharjah's youngsters to get their share of life.
November 08, 2023 / 11:57 PM

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