Xposure introduces 'Stage-X' for creative pros talks

February 05, 2023 / 2:58 PM
Sharjah24: The Xposure International Photography Festival is once again set to take centre-stage, offering a week-long celebration of the art and craft of film and photography. This year the festival is adding an extra special platform through an additional area dubbed "Stage-X," taking place within the festival from 9th to 15th February, and is poised to bring together some of the most celebrated names in the industry.
The new stage promises to be an inspiring experience, featuring a diverse range of activities, including film screenings, live demonstrations, talks and workshops. Film lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy contemporary cinema at its finest, while makeup and photography enthusiasts can look forward to a series of live demonstrations, including SFX Make Up and tutorials on lighting.

One of the highlights of "Stage-X" at Xposure 2023 is the lineup of informative talks from leading industry professionals. Film and photography enthusiasts can look forward to engaging with experts such as award-winning cinematographer Ahmad Al Morsy as he discusses every aspect of being a successful cinematographer including landing one’s first job behind the camera; Marcel Van Luit’s universal approach to storytelling and creativity; world-acclaimed film editor Ahmed Hafez Younes covering the basics of film editing; and the ins and outs of sports photography with Red Bull’s very own Naim Chidiac. 

Cheb Moha will lead a talk on expanding creative horizons by exploring new avenues for expressing and monetizing talents. Ramesh Shukla will share his journey as a photographer documenting the history of the UAE. A talk on environmental conservation and the impact of documentary films will be held with Rabii Ben Brahim. Jasem Al Muhanna will discuss the importance of authentic Arab storytelling in the global film industry. Film Director Samir Siryani will delve into the technical and creative aspects of Infrared B&W photography for filmmakers. 

Aisha Al Zaabi will take us on a journey through the evolution of film direction and the challenges and triumphs of being an Emirati filmmaker. These speakers will share their wealth of knowledge and experience, offering valuable insights into the latest techniques and trends in the film and photography industries. 

In addition to these thought-provoking talks, "Stage-X" will also feature an exciting SFX makeup demonstration by Hollywood certified artists Rony Yusef and Tanios Hokayem as they reveal how to create realistic gruesome effects as well as giving hands-on tuition for creating sfx makeup looks used in film, television, photography, fashion, social media. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, these inspiring and informative events are sure to expand your skills and deepen your appreciation for the art and craft of film and photography.

For film and photography professionals and enthusiasts alike, the Xposure International Photography Festival has long been a premier event, and "Stage-X" continues that tradition. Over the course of seven days, attendees will have the chance to network, collaborate, and expand their skills, making this festival a must-attend event.

Visitors to Stage-X can also look forward to some of the world’s biggest brands and equipment manufacturers showcasing their exciting range of products and technology, giving attendees an exclusive opportunity to learn about what makes their cameras tick as well as what may be coming in the future.

The Xposure International Photography Festival's "Stage-X" is an event that promises to be both informative and thrilling. With its diverse range of activities, inspiring talks, and exciting demonstrations, this seven-day celebration is sure to be a hit with film and photography enthusiasts of all ages. 
February 05, 2023 / 2:58 PM

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