Sonic's break-out leaves Sega hoping for more

February 28, 2022 / 8:03 AM
Sharjah24 - Reuters: Japan's Sega Sammy Holdings Inc is hoping to ride the fast-moving coattails of Sonic the Hedgehog as the character enjoys a renaissance amid a global scramble for entertainment content.
This year sees the release of a sequel to a record-breaking Hollywood movie and a Netflix series, along with a title that Sega hopes will revive the fortunes of the long-running Sonic game franchise after decades of malaise.

"Sonic is the face of Sega. If Sonic is doing well, then Sega is doing well to an extent, too," Shuji Utsumi, co-chief operation officer of Sega, told Reuters in an interview.

The blue blur became a household name in the West in a series of side-scrolling games in the 1990s on the Sega Mega Drive console, also known as the Sega Genesis in North America, which outsold Nintendo's Super NES in many countries.

"Sonic was cool with humour and an attitude... that resonated in the West," said Utsumi, who worked at Sony when it launched the first PlayStation.
February 28, 2022 / 8:03 AM

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