Childhood Disintegrative Disorder – An Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Kausar Sadia Fakhruddin

  • Thursday 21, May 2020 10:09 AM
  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder – An Autism Spectrum Disorder
On the autism spectrum, this is the most severe form of neurological disorder, though quite rare. In the beginning, the children develop normally. Unfortunately, usually between 2-through-4-years of age they started losing language, mental, motor (fine muscle movements) and acquired social skills. These disabilities often accompanied with epileptic fits (seizures).
How to maintain ‘Oral Health’ of children with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder?

Understand and avoid any trigger (situation) that causes seizures (epileptic fits).

Avoid placing any object between the teeth at the time of seizures (epileptic fits). 

Food and drinks to avoided from a very early age:

Avoid soft, sticky sugary (sweet) foods such as chewy cookies, chocolate containing wafers/caramel. 

Avoid sweetened flavored milk and yoghurt.

Avoid fruit juices and honey. 

Dental visits:

Parents should arrange dental visit for their child with a dentist trained in “special needs -patient management” every six-months for routine dental checkup.

Stainless steel crowns:

Parents or caregivers needs to ask their doctor if stainless steel crowns (SSC) are a better choice to protect their child’s baby (primary) and permanent teeth from caries damage.

Stainless steel crowns cover the teeth all around.

Sealants on permanent teeth:

In order to protect child’s permanent teeth, some dentist prefers to place sealants on the pits and grooves of the permanent teeth.
However, full tooth coverage with SSC is preferred than just sealants on the permanent teeth.