Tunisian design AI-based software detecting COVID-19 symptoms

  • Monday 31, August 2020 07:53 AM
  • Tunisian design AI-based software detecting COVID-19 symptoms
Sharjah24 – Reuters: As Tunisia enters its second wave of coronavirus infections, a group of Tunisian developers have designed a software that uses artificial intelligence to detect COVID-19 symptoms in patients' lungs.
The software works by comparing lung X-Rays of already infected patients with those of suspected cases. An algorithm then determines, with 92 percent accuracy, if the person is COVID-19 positive or not.

Artificial intelligence has long been used in medical scans, says professor Mustapha Hamdi of the National Institute of Science and Technology, adding that instrumentalising AI for COVID-19 diagnosis saves both time and cost.

The software is guided by tens of thousands of pulmonary images from hospitals in China, Italy and Spain, which were fed into the system to enrich its database and enhance its comparison abilities.

The software, which was finalised in March, costs approximately $3,000 and has been approved by the Tunisian Health Ministry.

The North African nation is seeking to counter a second wave of COVID-19 evident since it reopened its borders on June 27 as part of steps to ease a lockdown and revive the economy, particularly the vital tourist industry.

Since then, however, Tunisia has recorded a major resurgence of infections, with confirmed cases reaching 3,461, including 74 deaths.