Street beats: the bouncy ball that holds a digital drum kit

  • Wednesday 06, November 2019 03:50 PM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Two London entrepreneurs have created a music-making bouncy ball they say is like "a drum machine crammed in a ball".
Oddball connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth to create sounds through speakers or headphones.

Inside the ball are motion sensors which detect when the ball bounces and how hard. Users access the Oddball app to assign sounds to the ball from the app's library. They can also record their own sounds using their phone and change the pitch.

"Not everybody feels comfortable playing an instrument. Not everybody learns to play the drums, play the synth and so we wanted to make laying down to beat as accessible to as many people as possible and that's what Oddball does," Oddball co-creator Nathan Webb told Reuters.

The app allows users to freestyle over existing songs and record loops of beats. They can also add additional sounds to saved loops as they build tracks.