How does 5G technology work?

  • Wednesday 22, May 2019 01:50 PM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: 5G is the generation of wireless technology that follows 4G LTE mobile connections. It operates on higher radio frequencies called millimeter waves which allows it to deliver data more quickly but its signal doesn't travel well through physical objects such as buildings and houses, and its waves can be absorbed by rain and humidity.
Millimeter waves also have limited range. They cover less than one square mile from the cell tower, only allowing devices in close proximity to link to the network.

In January, a group of 250 researchers from around the world signed a petition asking for further investigation on the impact of 5G technology on humans.

They fear radio frequency radiation from devices including cell towers, smartphones, WiFi signals, TV antennas might have adverse effects on human health.

5G could also reduce the accuracy of weather forecasts. 5G networks transmit at nearly the same frequency as weather satellites and could produce a signal similar to water vapor. This could throw off predictions and reduce accuracy by 30 percent.