DNA-based app 'nudges' you to healthier food shopping

  • Sunday 10, November 2019 10:56 AM
  • DNA-based app 'nudges' you to healthier food shopping
Sharjah24 – Reuters: A new app will help you choose which food is the healthiest for you, based on your DNA, after an on the spot test.
DnaNudge has opened in London's trendy Covent Garden, offering to analyse your DNA in less than an hour and fit you with a wristband that will 'nudge' you towards healthier shopping choices based on your lifestyle.

The customer can scan any food in a supermarket and instantly find out if its recommended, based on their genetic makeup and the conditions or diseases they are likely to suffer from.

"My son Marcus when he was eight years old he lost his kidneys through a genetic mutation. Now, we could not have prevented it from happening but we could have managed his lifestyle very differently had we known," Professor Chris Toumazou, co-founder and CEO of DNANudge said.

"It wasn't a Mini engine growing in a Rolls Royce car. It was Mini engine growing in a Mini car so when his kidneys did collapse, they collapsed almost in style. So I've been really eager to bring prevention and early detection to the consumer as a preventative measure and lifestyle has a huge impact on this," Toumazou said.

The company is a spin off from Imperial College London where Toumazou is Regius Professor of Engineering and developed the DNA cartridge, the heart of the DNANudge system which dramatically reduces the typically 2 to 8 week wait for DNA test results.

It analyses a cheek swab, mapping your genetic profile to identify any increased risk of developing conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.