Disney World reopens amid Florida's virus surge

  • Sunday 12, July 2020 09:45 AM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: Walt Disney World, the most visited theme park in the world, reopened on Saturday (July 11), after being closed for almost four months because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The opening of the Disney flagship park in Orlando, Florida comes as the state continued to report high numbers of new cases.

Disney is is requiring all visitors over the age of 2 to wear masks and will do temperature checks of visitors as they enter the theme park.

The park has also limited the number of visitors who can attend and has also posted signs encouraging physical distancing.

On Saturday (July 11), Florida recorded 10,360 new coronavirus cases, the state health department said, bringing the total to 254,411 cases, as the state confirmed its place as an emerging epicenter of the COVID pandemic in the United States.