South Korean creator of viral song looks “beyond Baby Shark”

  • Sunday 17, November 2019 07:45 AM
  • South Korean creator of viral song looks “beyond Baby Shark”
Sharjah24 – Reuters: The creator of the children's song "Baby Shark," which has become a global phenomenon, says the song is "a great present and blessing" for the firm but it won't end on an one-hit wonder.
The popular song about a family of sharks has been a rallying cry at Lebanese anti-government protests and an unofficial anthem of the World Series champions Washington Nationals, also prompting parodies and dance craze.

"Who would have thought sharks could become this popular?" Ryan Lee of SmartStudy said.

The Baby Shark song is the fifth most-viewed video of all time on YouTube with 3.9 billion views, having surpassed South Korea's Gangnam Style music video.

Backed by Baby Shark's popularity, shares of Samsung Publishing, SmartStudy's second-top shareholder, have jumped 60% this year, versus the wider market's 4% rise.

Turning a folk song into a hook song like Kpop helped to make it a big hit, Lee added.

Lee said the firm is eyeing the Chinese market, where the tune did not quite catch on, with a brand new character featuring dinosaurs.