Pro. Dr. Gouher Ahmed: 27 countries, more than 100 research at SGBED

  • Monday 17, December 2018 01:07 PM
Sharjah24: Professor Dr. Gouher Ahmed, Co. Chair, Research Committee at Skyline University College, thanked on the sideline of the 7th Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED) International Research Symposium, government of Sharjah for their support such as those development forum.
Dr. Gouher Ahmed said on an exclusive statement for “Sharjah24” that entitled under “Managing Business in a Digital Age: Opportunities & Challenges” from December 17-19, 2018 at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel, with participation of Skyline University College, Dubai tourism, Fly Emirates.
Dr. Gouher Ahmed pointed out that there is 27 countries participating and more than 100 research paper qualities, from America, Australia, and Europe.
Professor Dr. Gouher said there will be many topics to discuss such as a Advances in Digital Technologies and Development, Knowledge, Human Capital & Data Management and Entrepreneurship.