UoS succeed in Robots challenge using sustainable materials

  • Tuesday 21, January 2020 02:48 PM
  • UoS succeed in Robots challenge using sustainable materials
Sharjah24: A number of students from the Department of Architecture at the College of Engineering at the University of Sharjah (UoS) were able succeed in the challenge of robots recently used in digital architecture and digital manufacturing, which is a robotic arm that can build any structure of any shape or size with high accuracy.
They succeeded in designing and manufacturing a real size wall within the hall of the College of Architecture at the University of Sharjah building. Within two weeks, approximately 22 students worked on the wall applying the strategies they learned and using modern digital tools and materials, such as Rhinoceros 3D v6 for 3D graphics design software and an additional program for Brick Design scripting, where the work took more than 60 working hours. The project consists of more than 2275 pieces, and the design height reaches 2.3 meters, 7.10 meters long and 7.36 meters as a curved line.

The design was implemented through a workshop entitled "Robotics Challenge," which was organised by Dr. Aref Maqsood, Project Supervisor, and Marta Bialco, Lecturer and Coordinator of the Workshop. The workshop focused on the creative process in contemporary architecture for students in an interdisciplinary technical context in architecture, and how to apply a digital perspective through the use of digital technologies for design to reach a real advanced product with the support and use of modern machines such as laser cutting machines and modern materials. The workshop focused on the importance of awareness of the manufacturing process and advance digital design that may affect the project in general.