Liquid aspirin is shrinking brain tumors in mice

  • Tuesday 06, August 2019 08:38 PM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: A new drug containing a liquid form of aspirin could in future help treat some of the most aggressive brain cancers, according to researchers at the Brain Tumour Research Centre at the University of Portsmouth.
They tested a combination of reformulated aspirin with triacetin and saccharin on tumors in mice.

Molecular biologist Dr. Richard Hill who led the team, said the trial showed promising early stage results.

"We instigated a pilot study to test to see the effectiveness of this drug. We noted that this compound was actually very effective in particular that it combined very well with other drugs, enhancing their effects," he added.

Brain tumors are among the most difficult cancers to treat and have the worst 5-year survival rates. New treatments are desperately needed.

The combined drug reduced the size of adult high-grade glioma brain tumors in mice, while reducing the stomach problems associated with conventional aspirin.

"As part of our evaluation we compared the individual components versus this combined drug and saw that the combined drug was considerably more potent than any of the individual components. So the sum of the parts was far greater than the whole so to speak and that when we put this onto adult high-grade glioma cells there was an anti-tumoral response," Dr Richard Hill explained.

The University of Portsmouth's Brain Tumour Research Centre says more tests are still needed but repurposing pre-approved drugs offers hope for the future.