SDHR concludes Creativity and Institutional Innovation diploma

  • Wednesday 05, August 2020 11:38 AM
  • SDHR concludes Creativity and Institutional Innovation diploma
Sharjah24: Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources (SDHR) has concluded the "Creativity and Institutional innovation" diploma implemented within the series of its electronic training programmes that it holds for employees of government agencies, departments, bodies and institutions from all levels of career with a virtual training system in Sharjah, the central region and the eastern region.
The diploma targeted managers, officials and occupiers of institutional development and administrative development, and dealt with a number of important topics.

The diploma aims to enable its affiliates to understand the stages of innovation, discuss opportunities and challenges, put forward new ideas, and develop and test by subjecting ideas to practical experiences and developing them.

The implementation of the diploma comes within the training plan for the year 2020, which is held through the electronic training system through the use of the WEBEX programme. After passing the diploma, the trainees receive an approved international training certificate, and it is included in the employee's electronic training system.