‘AlRahmaniya Council’ takes part in sacrificial meat distribution

  • Sunday 02, August 2020 02:38 PM
  • ‘AlRahmaniya Council’ takes part in sacrificial meat distribution
Sharjah 24: Al Rahmaniya Suburb Council, an affiliate of the Sharjah Districts and Villages Affairs Department (SDVAD), has contributed to distributing the sacrificial meat to the needy and vulnerable families in Al Rahmaniya Suburb.
The Council carried out the distribution of sacrificial meat in cooperation with the Sharjah Charity International (SCI) through its volunteer in accordance with the best practices in preserving and distributing the meat.

Beneficiaries deeply thanked the SCI and donors for their continued charitable initiatives, and the Suburb Council for its cooperation and efforts in helping in the distribution process.

In this context, Ahmed Abdullah Al Matroushi, Chairman of Al Rahmaniya Suburb Council, announced the completion of sacrificial meat distribution to 25 needy and vulnerable families registered with the Suburb’s Council, with consideration to all necessary preventive measures regarding COVID-19.