Relive the region’s golden past at Mleiha

  • Tuesday 14, July 2020 02:33 PM
  • Relive the region’s golden past at Mleiha
Sharjah 24: With the unparalleled combination of adventure experiences and the region’s golden past, Mleiha Archaeological Centre is all set to entertain tourists and residents during the summer months. The destination, under Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), has redesigned its activities to receive visitors and tourists from around the world by strictly adhering to the UAE government’s health and safety protocols to ensure the highest levels of protection against Covid19.
Horseback riding tours, Mleiha Landscapes, Education Workshops and Museum Tours are considered to be the top four experiences during the summer months at Mleiha, along with the all-time popular Sunset Lounges and Overnight camps.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Mleiha’s landscape on horseback, with views of Fossil Rock and Faya Mountain on the tours. Expert guide assistance is provided to first time riders and a stop at Mleiha’s luxurious gazebo with an assortment of hot beverages and soft drinks will enrich the experience. For the people who wish to learn the art of horseriding or develop their skills as a rider, the training courses at Mleiha will be the perfect choice.

Museum tours at Mleiha Archaeological Centre will give visitors a first-hand glimpse into the golden past of the region. They will be able to see for themselves what it was like to live in the region thousands of years ago. Exhibits, interactive displays, artefacts and information points bring history to life, helping visitors to learn about the unique archaeological environment of Mleiha and the pre-historic sites in the Mleiha, Jabal Bu’hais and Jabal Faya regions of Sharjah.

To enjoy the adventures of the desert and to feel the adrenalin rush, Explorers can step in to Mleiha’ s off-roading experiences, in which they will be driven to Fossil and Camel Rock followed by a thrilling experience across Faya Dunes and the Mleiha Desert.

The 4x4 vehicles are well equipped with safety gear. Only three guests are allowed inside the destination’s 4x4 transport cars which are sterilised pre- and post-use and modified to include a plastic separator between guests and staff members.

The popular escapes of Mleiha, Sunset Lounges and Overnight Camps are also back to take the visitors and residents to their favourite desert camping experiences. Select Education Workshops can be held comfortably inside the Centre for children and adults to enjoy and learn from.

Regulations allow guests from one family or first-degree relatives to be seated together, with a two-person limit in tents. Corporate bookings are limited to a maximum number of 6 persons in a group.

The destination also runs a special summer saver promotion through which visitors can enjoy special 20% off on most of the experiences until 15 September.

For more information and to reserve your seats, Please call 050 2103780 or 06 802 1111, or email or visit Mleiha website –