Sharjah Airport set to receive stranded UAE residents from abroad

  • Wednesday 03, June 2020 01:30 AM
  • Sharjah Airport set to receive stranded UAE residents from abroad
Sharjah 24: "Sharjah 24" continues its field trips, to see the preparations of all government and private agencies, to gradually return to work, as a precautionary and preventive measure, to confront the new coronavirus "COVID-19".
Touring the airport, “Sharjah 24" reviewed all the precautionary measures announced by the Sharjah Airports Authority, as part of its preparations to receive stranded UAE residents from abroad.

Ahmed Hassan Al Hamoudi, Director of the Customer Service Department at SAA, confirmed that the Authority has completed all its preparations to receive the return flights of residents of the UAE who were stranded abroad, while continuing to take all measures that ensure the health and safety of travelers, customers and employees, in accordance with the highest international standards.

He said that the SAA has completed all the necessary preparations in coordination with all partners, operating authorities at the airport and airlines, adding that a set of organisational and operational measures have been taken to ensure the smoothness of movement so that procedures can be easily completed while ensuring compliance with sanitary measures.

He added that the SAA continues to abide by a set of daily procedures, including the implementation of continuous sterilisation plans in all airport facilities, in addition to aircraft, freight planes, and all corridors leading to and from the airport.

He revealed that a self-sterilisation corridor was provided at the entrance of the airport, along with thermal detection devices for travelers and employees, as well as stickers indicating social distancing, in addition to other safety and preventive measures.

Al Hamoudi pointed out that a special area has been prepared to check departing and arriving passengers, to ensure that they are not infected with the coronavirus.