SM obliges all food outlets to install surveillance cameras

  • Tuesday 02, June 2020 09:49 PM
  • SM obliges all food outlets to install surveillance cameras
Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Municipality (SM) has obliged all food establishments in Sharjah, including restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, and others, to install TV surveillance cameras inside their establishments, in continuation of the municipality's efforts to tighten control of food preparation and processing methods, and to ensure the implementation of the necessary health requirements, in a manner that ensures the preservation of consumers’ health and safety, being among the Municipality’s top priorities.
In this context, Thabet Al Tarifi, Director General of Sharjah Municipality, stressed that the municipality’s instructions are part of its continuous efforts to implement the best requirements, health standards and preventive measures in food establishments, and in line with its goals of providing safe food for consumers, and taking deterrent penalties against violators according to the list of penalties approved by the Sharjah Executive Council, by which orders inspectors of the Food Control Section continue their inspection visits intensively and daily to ensure compliance with the requirements and preventive measures that the municipality enforced to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

For her part, Sheikha Shatha Al Mualla, Assistant Director-General of the Public Health and Central Laboratories Sector of Sharjah Municipality, stated that the municipality has set many conditions and controls for installing these cameras, including time storage capacity, which should not be less than 6 months, enabling food inspectors to view cameras records on request, and keeping recording and not deleting it without a prior written approval from the Department, and the commitment of all targeted facilities to install these cameras within a maximum period of 6 months.

The Municipality of Sharjah calls on all members of the public to contact them via the around the clock call centre on 993, to report any violations or observations.