Citizens and Residents: COVID-19 restrictions a mixed blessing

  • Tuesday 02, June 2020 02:20 AM
  • Citizens and Residents: COVID-19 restrictions a mixed blessing
Sharjah 24: With the gradual return to work, after relaxing restrictions imposed as part of the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), a number of citizens and residents, during a public opinion poll , confirmed their maximum benefit from staying at home, adding that such experience has strengthened family ties and bonds, achieving internal peace among members of the one family.
Respondents to the poll also reiterated that during their stay at home, they met most of the basic needs by shopping through smart applications, and were able to rely on technology in a more professional and beneficial way.

Some said that they faced a number of challenges during distance work, including the professional dealing with technology, and the lack of some work environment capabilities.

Some opined that under the current circumstances, education proved to be well managed remotely, while some emphasised that there are jobs that indispensably require physical presence in the workplace, such as security, health, press and municipal works.