Sharjah Edu. Council, SP launch ‘Take Your Decision’ initiative

  • Thursday 23, January 2020 06:46 PM
  • Sharjah Edu. Council, SP launch ‘Take Your Decision’ initiative
Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Education Council, in cooperation with the Sharjah Police represented by the Community Police Department, launched "Take Your Decision" initiative, which is concerned with establishing community police teams in schools, with the aim of engaging a number of school students in the tasks of community police work within the framework of the school domain.
Lt. Col. Ahmed Mohammed Al Marri, Director of the Community Police Department, explained that the initiative came in line with the joint cooperation with the Sharjah Education Council, the strategic partner of Sharjah Police, who showed great interest and direct support for the efforts of the Sharjah Police in its activities and various initiatives.

Al Marri added that the school's community police team initiative aims to modify student behaviour, and enhance security and safety in the educational environment, by involving school students in the tasks of the community police, and assigning some specialisations to them to apply within their schools.

Among the specialisations and tasks that the students of the community police team will perform in schools is the dissemination of the culture of community police among students through awareness programmes in the morning broadcast and various school activities, and the monitoring of negative behaviours and phenomena, treatment and evaluation in cooperation with specialists in the school administration, and community police, besides the team’s involvement in internal and external community activities to develop their skills in exercising leadership tasks that will advance them in the future.